English Concertina Course vol. I and II Concertina tutor from beginner to intermediate, play-along cd (cd1) and extra cd (cd2) with more advanced exercises (pdf, audio, mp3 and videoclip). Learn to read music, music theory, playing by ear and improvising. Book plus 2 cds. € 22.75 Order here
Play-along book A supplement to English Concertina Course(piano score included. Contains examination pieces for Grade One but can be used independently. Separate tracks on cd with piano only to play along. Book plus cd. € 16.75 Order here

Reviews and comments on the course:
I bought several methods when I started the Eng Concertina and in my opinion this course is better than any. William Finnegan December 2012
The course is as close as you can come to live music lessons with someone who specializes in the concertina. Jim Cush, 31 July 2012
Your tutor is wonderful. Quite different from various others I've come across. It really understands what I need! I am trying to do all it says. The exercises with the bellows are an innovation to me. Val Fiddian, May 2012
I am finding the play-along concertina book and cd very helpful. Although I have been playing the concertina for 18 years I have not really developed chordal and contrapuntal playing. Your Conac exercises and the above mentioned book and CD are really helpful because the exercises are not too difficult for me. Chatty concertinist from Australia, 21 June 2006.
This course is really nice for somebody who wants to master the basics of the instrument quickly. The exercises and melodies have been carefully planned and help you finding the buttons without thinking. The cd is fun and forces you to know the tunes very well. M. Vermeulen 14-8-2005
Very easy to understand. The book helps you to reach a good standard without too much difficulty. Clear step by step instructions given. Overall very good indeed. Helen Cooper 09-11-2004
Good for real beginners (even in music notation knowledge). A progressive course that drives the student in a good instrument knowledge. Contains also technical explanations about the instrument itself. Gerald Ryckebroer, 26-03-2005
It is about 3 months since you sent me your excellent Concertina course book and CDs and I promised to let you know how I am progressing. Well, your course is proving to be invaluable! My main ambition is to play folk dance tunes (just like the Shot-ese that you play on your introduction video) fast enough to keep up with the traditional folk band that I belong to. Following your advice, I have made a neck strap for my concertina which is brilliant. Also, using the technical appendix by Dave Elliott, I managed to take the instrument apart and repair a reed that had 'stopped speaking'. It was absolutely terrifying but worked! The nearest technician is an hour's drive away, so I am thrilled to be able to make simple repairs myself. Jill Townsend, 7 December 2014